Buckingham & District Angling Association

Founded 1910

Match Results 2020

Jamie Ballinger Match Result
In total 6 fished the match raising £30 for the Jamie Ballinger charity. The top three listed below:-
Pos Name Weight Peg
1 Barry Smith 3lb 11oz 8
2 James Cavendish 1lb 12oz 4
3 Jack Swallow 11oz 12

Alan Bedward Memorial Series Result
This series was won by Barry Smith.
Friday Cup Winner 2020
Jack Robinson, pictured below, won the Friday Cup series by a margin of over 10lbs over second. Jack won the final match of the series with 5lb 6oz.
Jack Robinson winner 2020 Friday Cup
The conditions for the last match were quite tough with the temperatures edging towards 35c during the early afternoon. In total 13 anglers fished the series with the top three listed below. The winner is the highest total weight of the best three of the four match series.
Pos Name Weight Best 3
1 Jack Robinson 15lb 15oz
2 Ron Hillier 5lb 5oz
3 Bryan Bedward 4lb 10oz