Buckingham & District Angling Association

Founded 1910

Centenary BBQ

Saturday 21 August 2010

Junior Match Photos

Luke Robertson, pictured above with Bernard Lewis, won the junior match with 2lb 7oz.

 BBQ 1
Jordan Bidwell, pictured above collecting his prize, came second with 1lb 3oz.

James Cox, pictured above, came third with 0lb 15oz.  

bbq 8 Well done to Brian Bedward, pictured above far left, who won the Centenary match.

Mugs Mug 2010

The "Mug's Mug" was again won by President Pete Williams
The annual committee fishing match - the "Mug's Mug" was also held Saturday 21 August 2010 - to avoid embarrassment only the top two are listed:-
1. Pete Williams - 1lb 15oz
2. Simon Bumstead - 0lb 9oz 8dr