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Founded 1910

Dick Walker Dick Walker using a Glass Hardy Matchmaker and a 'Speedia' centre pin reel on the Great Ouse downstream of Thornton Bridge (c) Photograph by Fred J Taylor.


Junior Xmas Open Match 6 Oct - Postponed
The match is now scheduled for Saturday 20th October.

Draw 1.00pm Fishing 2.00pm to 4.30pm.

Venue Woodfields.
River Rinses
River Rinses
For more information contact Buckingham Town Council on 01280 816426 or
email:- events@buckingham-tc.gov.uk.

Upper Ouse Pollution Update
Just to let you know what we have been doing regarding this matter - the assocation has now written letters to our local MPs (Buckingham and South Northants), the Buckingham Town Council and the riparian owners of the five venues we rent from. The main purpose of these letters is to raise the profile of the situation and also gain the maximum amount of support to ensure the EA applies the necessary resources to their recovery phase.

We also plan to meet with Buckingham Town Council early in September with the view that a 'town or district wide partnership group' may be formed. We will keep you up to date as things progress.

We are also looking for volunteers to help the council with their upcoming "River Rinses" that they carry out along the river in the Town. These will be held on the 23rd September and 6th October so members are encouraged to come along and help. Stowe sub-aqua group and the local fire brigade will also be helping out with a group of volunteers following along collecting the rubbish to put in a skip.
If you are interested in helping out then please email us at info@bdaafishing.org.uk

For more information on the pollution event affecting the Ouse click here .

Pollution Incident on Great River Ouse
The club is currently looking at ways it can support the efforts of the Environment Agency and the affected stakeholders to restore the river ecosystem to a level at least equal to it's prior state before the incident.

For the latest EA Community Briefing - dated 3 August 2018:- Click Here

If you wish to support the restoring of the river then please register your interest by emailing us at : info@bdaafishing.org.uk

Also, we have a dedicated page to provide information on this incident click here
This incident has affected the following club venues:-
  Moreton Mill to just above Twin Point
  The Twins - Maids Moreton Poor Charity Field
  Dick Walkers - Downstream Thornton Bridge
  Leckhampstead Bridge (Straight and Horses Field).
However the following venues are unaffected:-
  Roman Bridge
  The Coombs

Friday Cup
Ron Hiller retains the Friday Cup trophy. Ron (pictured below on the left) was presented the award by Bryan Bedward who came second in the series.
Ron's total weight was 15lb  5oz, Bryan's was 12lb 2oz with Simon Bumstead in third place with 5lb 14oz. Ron Hillier
OAP Trophy
Ron Hiller retains the OAP trophy. Ron (pictured below on the left) was presented the award by Bryan Bedward who came second in the three match series.
Ron's total weight over the series was 15lb  5oz, and Bryan's was 12lb 2oz. Ron Hillier
Privacy Notice for GDPR Compliance
In order to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25 May 2018 the club has undertaken a Data Protection Impact Assessment and has now published a Privacy Notice. Click Here for the BDAA Privacy Notice
AGM - 22 March 2018
The AGM, held on Thursday 22 March 2018, was attended by fifteen club members.

The chairman, Barry Smith, and treasurer, Simon Bumstead, both gave their reports for the 2017 season which were well received.

We are also pleased to report that we have secured the fishing rights for the first two fields downstream at Roman Bridge from 16 June 2018 and that 300 tench have recently been stocked at Woodfields.

Minor changes to the constitution were passed unanimously. Four existing committee members were re-elected and three new members elected.

Junior Hall of Fame 2017
The results and pictures from the 2017 Junior matches can be found on the following page - Click here

Match Programme and Results
Information about our match programme and results can be found on the following page - Click here

Access to the river behind Hyde Lane Lakes
A key is now required to use Staleys car park to gain access to our river venues behind Hyde Lane lakes. The key will cost £15 available from Hyde Lane Lakes Syndicate group. The cost is refundable when the key is handed back. Contact Nick Mullis on 07762 822499 to arrange pick-up. His address is 14 Bourtonville, Buckingham MK18 1AZ. You will need to provide your BDAA permit number or show your permit in order to obtain a key.

The BDAA Newsletter Tight Lines 2018 is available to view in PDF Format.
Click Here for the 2018 Newsletter

Last Updated - 13 September 2018