Buckingham & District Angling Association

Founded 1910

Upper Ouse Pollution Incident

Communications regarding the pollution incident affecting a 25km stretch of the Great Ouse which runs through Buckingham.


The club is currently looking at ways it can support the efforts of the Environment Agency and the affected stakeholders to restore the river ecosystem to a level at least equal to it's prior state before the incident.

If you wish to support the restoring of the river then please register your interest by emailing us at : info@bdaafishing.org.uk

This incident has affected the following club venues:-
  Moreton Mill to just above Twin Point
  The Twins - Maids Moreton Poor Charity Field
  Dick Walkers - Downstream Thornton Bridge
  Leckhampstead Bridge (Straight and Horses Field).
However the following venues are unaffected:-
  Roman Bridge
  The Coombs

On Friday, 13 July 2018, the EA lifted the precautionary advice given previously for people, pets and livestock to stay out of the river between Brackley and Milton Keynes.
The EA have now moved into a Recovery Phase for the incident. What they plan to do next is summerised in their Community Briefing dated 20 July 2018.

The club released the following press release on 4 July 2018.

Press Release

The Buckingham & District Angling Association are devastated by the pollution of the river which has effected the stretches of the Great Ouse from Brackley through Buckingham and our fisheries at Morton Mill, Leckhampstead and Thornton.

The club has been fishing the Great Ouse around Buckingham since 1910 and promotes fishing particularly within the natural environment of the river. Many of our members have been fishing the local rivers for over 50 years.

The river contained fish of specimen size and was renowned for roach, perch, pike, chub, bream and dace.

The club is committed to work with the relevant authorities and organisations to restore the Upper Ouse to a healthy environment though the river will take many years to recover from this event.

Our fisheries on the Claydon Brook have not been effected and we encourage our members to enjoy these river venues until the Great Ouse recovers.

For more information please contact Barry Smith 07710 299637.

Last Updated - 17 August 2019